The Dog Days of summer are here. If you’re an avid bike rider, you’ve most likely been drenched in sweat, or had a serious case of swamp ass during your commute. Here to help you with your perspiration problem is Mission Workshop’s new “Indian Summer” riding kit.

The collection involves a collection that includes the Stahl short, the Linear crew, and the District Henley. The pieces are constructed in a range of fabrics including merino wool or military stretch fabrics that ensure no dampness or moisture transpires during your ride. The brand took 1000 km trip (621 miles) up China’s Yangtze river delta to put its product to the test, all which have been documented in the video below. If the clothes can survive long trips, we’re pretty sure a short commute will be no problem. Hit up the Mission Workshop website to purchase and stay dry.  

[via StupidDope]