Times Square is known as one of the largest advertisement points in the world, a hub for millions of tourists to stand and gawk at the flashing signs and enormous posters. But how much is too much? Some New Yorkers are pissed at clothing company H&M because of a deal they have inked with the Durst Organization that includes ad space high above Times Square. The signs will be 70' x 70' and will cover all four signs of the 48 story Condé Nast Building located at 4 Times Square, making them visible along the New York skyline from miles away. The ads have been referred to as "corporate graffiti," which is not only telling about the level of distaste for graffiti as an artform, but is also confusing in a conversation about Times Square, arguably the most in-your-face and ridiculous display of consumerism in the world. Check out the video below of one resident's reaction to the news and for details on the new signage:

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[via CBS]