Graphic résumés are sexy. They should always be visually appealing and captivating. Here are four steps to keep your résumé up to snuff:

1. Summarize: Do not be too wordy. Only tell them what they need to know. Keep future employers interested, and leave them wanting more.

2. Confidence: You should impress the people who read your résumé. Don't be afraid to show off everything you've got.

3. Don't be cocky: There is a balance between cocky and confidence. No one likes cocky. Don't exaggerate or lie on your résumé. If your employer hires you under false pretenses, the job probably won't go too well.

4. Keywords are key: If someone skims your résumé, make sure they still get the point. You can test this by giving your resume to a friend to look over quickly and see what they get out of it. If it's not what you wanted, try again. You can highlight or bold keywords to make them stand out.

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