ikono is a media network designed to share and democratize art. Beginning September 6, the network's "On Air Festival" will begin broadcasting via the iconoTV network and live stream. The festival is a 24-hour-a-day art exhibition featuring the works of more than 120 artists from around the world including Reynold Reynolds, Pattie Jolley, Bill ViolaRobert Breer, Anthony McCall, and Brian Eno

This exhibition of video and time-based works is revolutionary and unprecedented. ikono founder Elizabeth Markevitch said that they set out to "achieve for the arts with TV as radio has been achieving for music." The program will only last for three weeks until September 29, but the idea of a network providing non-stop contemporary art programming seems like a no-brainer (there are channels for everything else these days). Check out the trailer clips below that also contain excerpts from a couple of the artists involved, and head to http://ikono.org/festival/ for more info:

ikono On Air Festival - Reynold Reynolds from ikono tv on Vimeo.

ikono On Air Festival - Bill Viola from ikono tv on Vimeo.

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[via ArtInfo]