We don't often associate flying with comfort, but now you can expect a lot more flying first class on Cathay Pacific. The airline's first class cabins have just received a new renovation by Foster + Partners, an upgrade to their already luxurious accommodations.

While deep red carpeting throughout the cabin creates a refined atmosphere, leather interiors and decorations featuring handcrafted artworks by Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton complete the feeling of high class travel. Personal suites offer privacy, including fully reclining seats that turn into comfy beds. The airline even provides a set of organic cotton sleepwear for passengers to truly enter a state of blissful rest. Cathay Pacific also offers entertainment through a LCD touchscreen widescreen personal TV that comes with BOSE noise-canceling headphones. Cathay Pacific aims to upgrade all of their first class cabins by the end of 2014, while many have already gone through the shift.

[via Designboom]

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