Three weeks ago, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Street Art London organized an event for 16 internationally-renowned street artists to reinterpret Baroque paintings from their collection in South-East London. The result is a documentary depicting the thriving street art scene in Dulwich, including commentary on how much the medium has grown and gotten accepted worldwide.

At one point, an artist says, "If they have a problem with me putting stuff up on the streets, the guys with the grey suits, the grey hair, and the grey faces, who have the great jobs, then they can come to me, and I'll tell them I have a problem with them. Because they're the ones who make the wars, they're the ones who bail out the bankers, they're the ones who keep the elite people going, and all I'm doing is putting art on the walls."

At another point, Ingrid Beazley, the curator of Dulwich Picture Gallery, says, "There's only one painting that some people object to and that's the shitting dog by Roa." Fair enough. 

Watch the documentary here:

[via Guardian]