I really dig these new crewnecks from Acne. While just a basic crewneck at its core, the individual words printed across the different versions could actually prove extremely useful if you fancy yourself a Brooklyn lothario. Like, you could assign one to each one of your hipster girlfriends based on their varying characteristics. Organization is key, my dude.

1. Romantic (blonde) : This is the girl who loves to eat dinner at some low key bistro and order red wine before you inevitably take it back to the crib. Her name is something like "Sandra". When you do end up getting it in, she stares deeply into you eyes while Bon Iver's "Holocene" plays in the background. You inevitably both cry post-coitus.

2. Magnetic (red head): This girl's batshit craziness spills over into the bedroom thankfully, where she encourages you to do things that are illegal in the majority of the continental United States.

3. Mysterious (brunette): This girl doesn't have a cellphone because she went to agricultural school in Vermont. You gotta hit her up on her best friend's phone if you wanna find out where she is or hope you run into her at her favorite free-trade coffee shop of the week.