Remember when I told you guys about that incredible Ten C fishtail parka a couple weeks ago? At the time, I thought that shit was greatest jacket ever of all time and that nothing would ever come along and replace it. But, you know, I'm an irrational shopper (read: general human being), so leave it to Ten C to, again, serve up the best piece of outerwear I've ever, but for really real though this time, seen. As with the aforementioned fishtail parka, this comes in the label's proprietary waterproof canvas fabric, lending it the "Snow Smock" moniker. Technically, smocks can be these military style jackets, but I can't help but think of, like, my 3rd grade art class. Remember how they made you bring in one of your dad's old shirts on the days you had art because obviously 8-year-olds are wild reckless with the paint? Oh fuck, I haven't even mentioned this jacket's awesome belt yet. So yeah, there's that too.