Incu, one of Australia’s best dudeswear purveyors, have arrived with a very relaxed, very nonchalant S/S 13 preview for their in-house label Weathered. The collection will drop in three conveniently attainable intervals, starting this month and ending September (but YOLO because e-commerce). As always, the Australian brand has designed this season with heavy athletic and casual influences in mind. While there’s nary a Neapolitan pleat in sight, and you won’t be popping a suiting related herringboner on this gear, Weathered runs the full gauntlet on clothes you’ll need when you’re doing chill weekend shit. There’s chill cropped trenches, chill 5 pocket pants and chill crew necks. Basically this is gear for the chill handsome douche—he probably surfs or grows backyard tomatoes—casually sonning any and all luxe androgynous hobos.