Let’s not get it twisted: being a ‘student’ is great. The strength of your liver, your relative beauty and the fact that you have, statistically anyway, the best years of your life ahead are all things to celebrate. It makes all too much sense that a good majority of the 18 – 25 year old student population wouldn’t really give a shit about dressing. Sartorial pursuits are, at the end of the day, “just clothes” and many of you would have prioritized spending stacks on more important shit.  Such priorities include having [not] way too much irresponsible sex, smoking hilariously overpriced drugs and underutilizing the public education system (shout out to Commonwealth governments all around the world).

But here at Four Pins we recognize that beyond the very basics of student life – like ramen and 40 oz malt liquor – many of you want in on that luxury garment hustle. So without further ado, we’re bringing you 15 of our sincerest recommendations when it comes to dressing on the college kid budget. Some of these brands are already well documented, others lurk in the cold recesses of the internet, but all of our choices fulfil a critical requirement: they provide great bang for your buck.