39. Mitt Bubble by Robbie Conal, 2012

Artist Robbie Conal has been creating provocative guerrilla poster campaigns since the Reagan Era. His latest work concentrates on 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Conal renders Romney cross-eyed with a heavily furrowed brow. His "pensive" expression looks just plain constipated. Floating above the caricature's head is an empty thought bubble, ready to be filled by an opinionated passerby. Conal confesses, "It's a minor form of civil disobedience," and a rather joyful one at that. The posters are pasted so sparingly in some areas that they become singular artworks themselves as they acquire Sharpied opinions on their surfaces or as they degrade over time. In other places, they become placards for varying opinions stretching across communities. Either way, Conal has still devised an artful and engaging way for the 2012 public to dig their fingers into the art of politics in the city streets.

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