28. Do Ask, Do Tell by Lisa Anne Auerbach, 2010

This political piece of clothing both asks questions and makes statements simultaneously, but then most of Lisa Anne Auerbach's sweaters sets do just that. Her work typically manifests itself in knitted works that reflect her own personal opinions on political and personal issues. Do Ask, Do Tell, Auerbach's 2010 work continues on that same trajectory, but unlike most of her works, this particular piece is a scarf. The scarf's reading "Do Ask, Do Tell" simultaneously activates the wearer of the scarf as an open listener and asks of viewers of the scarf to speak for themselves. The "obvious reference," Auerbach mentions in a Huffington Post interview, "is the policy on gays serving openly in the US military," but she also mentions that, "the text can also be read as a proclamation about openness in general. " Auerbach's scarf is a conversation unto itself, even before interaction from a wearer. Auerbach made multiple scarves for purchase at the Hammer Museum gift shop in 2010.

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