Take a look above at the new Neighborhood F/W 13 lookbook. The clothes and photos are great, but honestly I'm most captivated by the silver fox strolling in them, making the arduous process of aging look like a walk in the fucking park. Being the young, vain piece of shit that I am, my greatest fears go something like this:

1. Balding - My dad has his hair at 65, but apparently it's all about about your mom's dad.

2. Wrinkles - This summer I've been dousing my body in sunscreen and all sort of random Kiehls bullshit because my girlfriend only likes me for my youthful looks.

3. Death - You mean to tell me that one day you wake up and your heart is just all like,"Nah, not feeling it today, homie. Peace."?

The chippy fellow in the lookbook gives us all hope that we just might be able to cheat old age after all, avoiding health problems, keeping our hair and still wearing awesome clothes well into our 50s.