Yesterday, performance artist Marina Abramovic went on Reddit to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything). She blew us away with her honest, open answers to a variety of questions, some of them personal and some of them purely about her forthcoming performance art Institute. Even when was attacked for using Kickstarter to fundraise for MAI, or challenged for her Artistic Manifesto, she stood her ground and even shed a lot of valuable advice. Shortly after the AMA, she shared a lightulb joke (or lack of a lightbulb joke, to be fair).

While we don't know if her collaboration with Lady Gaga or film about James Franco are next on the horizon, we do know that Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" video premieres on HBO this Friday, which she made a special appearance in. In order to immortalize some of the epic answers she gave in yesterday's AMA, we've compiled The Most Memorable Responses From Marina Abramovic's Reddit AMA.

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