I think its pretty clear that Loro Piana absolutely despises poor people. Adding insult to injury, they’ve created a hoodie made of silk and cashmere that costs more than an entire family’s annual wardrobe. How is it that "hoodie" and "knitted silk and cashmere" are even words in the same fucking sentence? As I understood it, the primary purpose of the hooded sweatshirt was to cover the disgusting secretions emitted whilst doing gym activities (sitting down too quickly) or running errands (buying cigarettes). If you’re the sort of lad who thinks a Loro Piana hoodie is casual, you’re likely also think that The Most Dangerous Game is about competitive sport. You probably also run a white slavery ring—casually, of course—because that’s the only conceivable way I see you affording a $2000 hoodie without breaking a sweat.