27-year old photographer Mike Lerner is not only Justin Bieber's official photographer, but he's also a talented artist with a unique eye. This year, he expanded beyond 2D images with the launch of his new clothing line, Subtle. The line includes a set of edgy t-shirts featuring Lerner's photographs that are almost too cool to wear.

Lerner's shirts play with visual texture, mixing softer images of ice cream or flowers with harsh backgrounds of concrete or stone. The unconventional designs may come from his experience shooting performers like Bieber. "I’ve learned to become less obvious," he told PetaPixel in an interview. "There have been so many shows that I’ve done where I noticed 10 photographers going for the same shot. What I’ve learned to do is to step back and take the less obvious shot. I’ve always liked this result."

We love Lerner's unexpected designs on these killer T-shirts. You can buy your own here.

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