James Franco’s name has been on our Art+Design channel many times this year, with his numerous art exhibit appearances. He's so many places, someone is finding it difficult to sue him. But aside from his art shows, Franco is also serving as a curator with his latest project a book launched by Hopper Art Trust, an organization representing late actor Dennis Hopper.

The book, being released with some network called Le Book, will contain a collection of Hopper’s black-and-white photographs. “Dennis’ photographs slash with artistic insight into the cultural, arts and celebrity scenes of the 1960’s,” Franco said. The book is being sold for $250.

“Franco’s commitment to artistic expression made him a prime candidate to curate the artwork for this year’s Le Book,” the network’s press release stated. “Who better than an actor with a penchant to explore the arts, to honor the work of one of the industry’s most noted actors and visual artists?”

We don't quite see how his commitment to artistic expression quite makes him qualified to curate the work. However we would like to remind you that this year has also seen Franco confront Seth Rogan about soiling a dirty magazine and pose as a rapper alongside Selena Gomez. We're sure that helped Franco develop his "artistic expression." Oh, we can't wait to see his roast.

You can see a photo of the box set below.

[via Artinfo]

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