While some people only occasionally wear glasses, others make their eyewear a trademark. A number of historical figures are unrecognizable without their signature specs. They have become so strongly associated with their choice of eyewear that they can be recognized from their glasses alone. Italian art director and multimedia designer Frederico Mauro has created the "Famous Eyeglasses" series based on this notion.

Mauro's creations feature an image of a pair of eyeglasses, accompanied by their famous wearer's name. However, the captions barely seem necessary as the designs have become so iconic that we immediately recognize their associated figures. From the glasses of John Lennon to Harry Potter, the series includes pieces that are direct indications of their respective celebrities. While the guessing game is the fun part of the project, Mauro also introduces the question of how we build our identities through what we wear.

[via My Modern Met]