There are a few reasons why Frank Clegg Leatherworks is one of the best New England brands of all time. Of course, one can cite the brand's craftsmanship, attention to quality, and never-out-of-style designs. Although, it all boils down to the man who runs the show, Frank Clegg.

Clegg isn't just a leather worker from an old, New England factory town. He's the spirit of anyone who grew up in the region: hard-working and focused on their job—not out to impress people for extraneous reasons.

In a recent short film, Clegg's workshop is looked at, and he discussed his drive to become a better worker. In a moment of clarity, Clegg reflected, and said some real, real shit: "What's kept me struggling in this business all these years? I guess it's just the desire to be good some day."

From the signs of things, Clegg's abilities to hand-design bags and pick out the highest-quality leathers have made him worth his salt in the leather goods industry.

Watch the video above and see the process and drive that occurs every time one of the brand's items are produced.