Allow me to explain to you a thing: Despite the insistence of bloggers that trolling Yoox for weeks on end is "rewarding," you and I both that that’s some ol' bullshit. We #mahnswear types are busy people with shit to do, like going to McDonalds at 2 AM or renewing a 12 month Bang Bros subscription. Gone are the days when finding an appropriate Finamore shirt was preceded by the knowledge that it wouldn’t come in your size because Italy’s premier off the rack shirtmaker is in the fucking building with their brand spanking new e-commerce. While Finamore’s mainline shirts—with non fused collars and hand sewn shoulders—are every menswear nerd’s main attraction, their online shop has also launched with a grip of other S/S 13 gear. The Italian standards are all there (slim cargo shorts, softly constructed sportcoats), but peep the washed chambray polos because those look stupidly fly.