We are in love with these Chalkboard Tees. As the name suggests, they're t-shirts that literally come with a chalkboard literally printed on the chest. You and your friends can have fun doodling on each other. Want to play dictionary on the go? Well that's now incredibly doable.

Made by Class Attire, every shirt comes with a small pouch to hold a piece of chalk. You can easily wipe the printed chalkboard and play with your attire over and over again. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. There are also many different colors of shirts available for you to pick from.

JinYen Carew, one of the founders of Class Attire, say the shirts can be used in many ways. "Our fans and customers have used our shirts for everything from killing time and playing games to company meetings and brainstorming sessions." She adds, "We see Chalkboard Tees as an outlet for artists to show their work, whether that be a tag, drawing, signature, or just an inspiring or provoking word to start conversation."

Check out their site here.

[via Inhabitots]