Rocko is the MC behind one of summer's biggest jams, "U.O.E.N.O." But if you thought he was only about the music, you'd be sleeping on his southern style. In the inaugural edition of Complex Kits, Rocko talks about his personal sense of style and what he's wearing when he visited the our NYC offices. Sauce style? U.O.E.N.O. what that is.

What can you tell me about what you're wearing today? 
I just really just threw this on, man. I was kinda running late. I overslept 'cause I was out partying last night, and I just threw some stuff on. This is just a little Michael Kors track jacket, with the hoodie. Probably like, three chains. Cross, Jesus piece, and another one.

With the waxed denim?
Yeah, you know got a little Gucci woodgrain belt. Got the new Gucci sneakers. These just came out. 

What were you wearing last night when you were out?
I had on some leather pants, a T-shirt that had a leather snakeskin pocket, and a hat with a snakeskin bill. And some red Balenciagas, just kickin' it. 

So you had like six animals on you.
Haha, yeah, just kickin' it.

Right now, you're very cozy, very laid back, but still stylish. Is that typical everyday? Or just today cause you were running late?
It's pretty much everyday. I don't know man, I just call it sauce. Saucy. I pour it on thick without even trying to.

Photography by Liz Barclay