So, we just happened upon these new T-shirts from a brand called G-Klan. Yep, that's right, Klan with a "K". Not only do the brand's T-shirts, which release tomorrow, boast the word "KLAN" across the back, but the brand's motto is "Klan Life". KLAN. LIFE. I was curious as to how politically incorrect the phrase "Klan Life" really was, so I did a quick little Google search. As expected, it's a whole lotta KKK stuff. I get the subversive nature of streetwear and all that shit (see: prominent placement of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.), but there's nothing subversive about straight up writing "KLAN" on a T-shirt without any accompanying commentary as is the case with say, Kanye West's obviously politically-charged "Black Skinhead" video. Am I being trolled by G-Klan right now? Is 50 Cent gonna take these dudes to court? All I know is it's probably not the best look to step out in public wearing one of these tees, like, ever.