The Museum of Contemporary Art's MOCAtv is a contemporary video art initiative that provides original art, music, film, and design content as a supplement to the museum programming. One of the newest projects for the video channel is a six-part webseries entitled "Crime: the Animated Series." Each segment of the series was produced by a different artist, all using the same color scheme, and obviously all addressing the same topic.

In this segment, author and Hip Hop encyclopedia Nelson George (circa 2008) speaks about growing up in a heroin-ravished city, the rise of gangster rap, how Tony Montana from Scarface (1983) influenced rap culture, and about what crime "does" to the community and the people. Designed and animated by Freddy Carrasco, the film is an educational and entertaining way to spend the next 3:54, so do it:

[via MOCAtv/CartoonBrew]

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