With Father's Day approaching, you've probably been scurrying around looking for that perfect bacon-scented candle or that box set of 112 versions of "Hotel California" for your dad. You want to show him that you've grown into a man—with responsibilities and a computer-y job and a girlfriend and trust issues—even though he said you wouldn't because the only time you ever scored a goal in a sport was when a lacrosse ball accidentally bounced off your head. Yes, it's been a long road, and dear old dad has taught you a lot.

But you likely have another man in your life from whom to take a page: your girlfriend's father. Because while your dad may have been grape juice that somehow turned into Chianti in the past five years, your girlfriend's father arrives stuffed with tannins. Or something. But think about it, he may be intimidating, but you pretty much immediately become the son he never had after winning his trust. And with that comes a host of lessons you could never get from your own pops.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.