Delikatessen shows off their 2014 spring/summer lookbook. I could talk about the clothes but c’mon, that’s too easy. Let’s talk about the label name. I know, Delikatessen is Amsterdam based so maybe the ‘k’ instead  of ‘c’ is due to whatever language they speak in Amsterdam (all I know about Amsterdam is weed and the redlight district), but still every time I see an unnecessary k in a word, I think racist. So evidently I’d mistakenly think most people in Amsterdam were racists based on the way they spell words. I’d be like “Good weed, but I think that guy is a racist. Can stoners be racist?” The only word that gets a pass for using a k instead of a c is Mortal Kombat. Who was your go-to guy in that game? If you picked the dude who punched dudes in the nuts as a special move, you lose in life bro. STRAIGHT UP RAYDEN LIGHTNING BOLTS OR SCORPION GET OVER HERE MOVES ALL DAY.