Well, this is awkward considering a bunch of you are probably being fed G-Shock watch advertisements as we speak, but, like, fuck it cause this shit is kinda, sorta important. These new watches from Givenchy come on the heels of their disgraceful pre-spring 2013 collection and the announcement they will not be presenting a couture collection during this season's Paris Fashion Week. After all, vague, meaningless Instagram photos aren't going to take themselves! Anyway, the watches you see here are actually pretty tasteful and understated, which is obviously totally unexpected from the man who put both camouflage AND floral print on a single shirt. While not exactly groundbreaking, the watches appear to be inspired by vintage military styles and will be offered in 6 color variations when they arrive in stores this fall. We shouldn't have to say it, but clearly these are a wiser investment at $700 than some graphic T-shirt you're going to wear for 3 weeks until someone calls you a swagless asshole on Tumblr.