1. Mobstr

Location: London

This has to be one of the greatest ad disruptions I have ever seen. Street art is itself almost inevitably advertising, and so are many ad disruptions. But with this piece, Mobstr stepped back as much as possible and handed over the keys to the public, encouraging them to take control of their public space by going so far as to actually provide markers and a blank canvas. The Scribble Board was covered in a matter of hours. Mobstr could have done a Banksy-esque billboard with a slogan like "advertising sucks," but people hate to be force-fed opinions. That's why we hate ads in the first place, right? Instead, Mobstr gave people an opportunity to experience a little bit of public space without a billboard and where they were in control and let the public come to their own conclusions, which is a much better method of teaching. Besides, I saw a few people writing on The Scribble Board and it just made everybody smile. What's better than that?

photos by RJ Rushmore