The pencil is one of the most commonly used writing utensils, and for the most part (aside from mechanical pencils) it has remained in its original form including an eraser, lead, and little bit of wood. No quirks, no gimmicks, the pencil has stayed true and fulfilled its duties to its faithful users for years. However, pencil company Smart Smencils is changing the game with their newest peppermint-scented pencils, a refreshing innovation in pencil technology.

That's right, scented pencils—these bad boys exceed the scented markers, crayons, and stickers from your childhood and even promote concentration and focus. No doubt a bad smell can be horrifically distracting, so it makes sense that a good and soothing smell much like peppermint could be helpful in an effort to focus. And just when you didn't think these pencils could get any better, they're also made of recycled newspaper, no wood involved. Sustainable, scented, and sophisticated- we're into that, find your scent of choice here.

[via Psfk]