A few years ago, a new type of blogging came about where individuals would record videos of themselves describing and showing off bags of clothes that they had supposedly just purchased. The most popular of these so-called "haul" videos garnered millions of views, and some of the most widely watched YouTubers were able to turn a hobby into a full-time gig. Instagram may have taken over as the place for people to try and show off their style and possessions, but these haul videos are still going strong. 

Ostensibly, these 10 to 15 minute videos are supposed to give advice on how to shop and provide insight on styling. And sure, there are probably some of these "haul" videos out there that might teach you about a new store or brand you might like. But most of them feature impossibly cheerful narcissists who are constantly watching their own image on the screen as they speak to their audience, and are gloating about what they just bought.

Have you ever had to sit through your homie or girl walk you through the bags of shit they just copped? Try doing that with a complete stranger who speaks as if he or she just had a coffee enema. We damn near guarantee that you won't be able to watch 10 Shopping Haul Videos That Will Make You Hate the Internet in their entirety. 

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