A clever campaign by Publicis Singapore has created a series of ambigrams that promote suicide awareness and prevention, revealing that "The signs are there if you read them." Publicis' international creative director Erik Vervroegen worked with his team to render the project, designing a set of messages that seem to display an optimistic phrase, but when viewed upside down, reveal a concealed call for help.

A doodling on what seems to be a public bathroom wall suggests that it says "Life is great," but flipping the phrase around it reads, "I hate myself." Others are translated from "I feel fantastic" to  "I'm falling apart," and "I'm fine" to "Save me." As each of the ambigrams convey two completely different messages of contrasting moods, the campaign reminds us that we should always pay attention to the hidden meanings of things. By paying a little more attention, we may realize what people actually want to communicate as they convince others that they are okay. With increased awareness, people can also spread a love for life and living to those who have lost hope.

[via It's Nice That]