If you know exactly what you're looking for, and you have managed to get near enough to your destination, street signs can be helpful in figuring out directions. However, today, most of us would choose to stare at maps on our smartphone screens and spin around in circles attempting to locate ourselves and which way we are facing.

To resolve any further issues we may have with finding directions, creative digital tech agency BREAKFAST has applied smart technology to street signs to create Points, "the most advanced sign on Earth." Featuring rotating LED panels, the sign is powered by online information and live feeds from social media, being able to point you in the right direction of live events including conferences, concerts, and hashtags from nearby locations. A menu panel, which changes according to the time of day, allows you to pick from a list of categories such as food, drinks, entertainment, and transit, to guide you to your next destination. The project has been in development for three years, and its concept may mark a shift in urban planning. While currently, only one active sign is located in BREAKFAST's office, watch this video to see Points in action:

[via Creative Review]