Have you ever spent a summer day in the streets of New York City? To paint you a picture, it’s hot, there’s very little shade, and the coldest thing you might feel is the water runoff dripping from a random building’s air conditioner high above you. By the end of the day, there might be an extra layer of skin thanks to the sweat buildup.

Dressing to beat the heat is a key element to survive summertime in the Big Apple. If you want to get an idea of how, just take a look at Only NY’s spring/summer 2013 lookbook. The collection is made up of tanks, T-shirts, hats, rugby sweaters, and crewnecks for sweltering summer days and cool summer nights. It might be a lady wearing all these looks, but these are clothes made for dudes. The collection is a one-stop-shop for all your block party, rooftop barbecue, and pool hopping needs. Cop all the pieces on Only NY’s website and start planning your summer days.

[via FNG]