Rapper-owned clothing lines have had a history of sucking, big time. But Nas isn't just any rapper, he's arguably the best of all time. With this in mind, you know he had to come correct if he's going to have his name affiliated to a clothing brand. His clothing venture, "HSTRY," was designed in collaboration with menswear blogger Grungy Gentleman, and, surprise, it's not that bad. In fact, it's pretty dope.

The Queens native's first collection for fall 2013 might seem relevant to the street goth discussion that is currently going on in hip-hop; utilizing leather outerwear, and even luxed-up ski masks. However, there's still something undeniably New York about the line, layering plaid shirts underneath quilted leather vests that also come in oxblood options. It somehow straddles the delicate line between those who wear Timberlands because they're cool again, and those who have always worn Timberlands because that's their personal style. That's the beauty of leather, it can be worn by style aficionados and those who might stick up the fly kid on the corner. Hey, Diddy co-signed the collection, that has to be a good sign, right?

[via HSTRY Clothing]