Allow me to level with everybody. I’ve never actually owned a pair of penny loafers. Does that mean my license to malewear is revoked? Probably. Apparently, owning a pair of suede penny loafers is crucial if you want to join the level 1 of the Illuminati and we already know it's levels to this shit. So, do yourself a favor just in time for summer and come on over to the good dudes at Meermin who have stayed winning since before the dawn of blogs, but not really because if it wasn't for blogs none of us would know Meermin even existed. These Maracca loafers cost half what angry McNasty versions do and are made with v distinguished Charles F Stead suede. The last on these loafers has a rounded toe box, so your dank feet can relax in the darkness within and, as with every other Meermin shoe, they’re Goodyear welted. Seriously, if y’all complain about this one, it solidifies your bona fide status as major hater, math minor types.