Two things you need to know about Kid Cudi's style: He has one of the best collections of vintage rock tees, and he definitely still holds the title for having the dopest leather jackets. All the proof you need is the photo above. 

Cudder arrived at the LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday in a vintage Pink Floyd tee, which he paired with jeans and Converse sneakers. He also wore a $4,900 Saint Laurent Paris Classic Motorcycle Jacket we can't stop dreaming about. And to keep the flash from the paparazzis' cameras from blinding him, he sported a pair of SUPER flat top suede sunglasses

Okay, two more things you need to know about the Wizard's style: He has perfected the rock look, and he looks stylish even at the airport. 

Head to to purchase the jacket, and to Urban Outfitters to pick up the sunglasses.