Know Your Lane

Who are you as a photographer? Let's face it, even though you shoot portraits, sports, food, weddings, nightlife, carnivals, fashion, concerts, fairies, and advertising—we might want to calm down that clusterfuck for the general public, yeah?

As for your site, at least pick a specialty or two—maybe three—and set a clear message for who you are as a photographer.

If you present people with 80,000 options, people are less likely to even remember one. If you have a chance, read Malcolm Gladwell's Blink and take in what he said about how people get overloaded when presented with too many choices. You know how the toothpaste aisle is mad stressful, right? You don't wanna be the toothpaste aisle.

When the message on what you offer is clear and concise, people are going to remember you and are thus more apt to call you when they need some snaps.

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