Bestival, a four-day music festival in England, will see performances by Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dogg, MIA, and Wu-Tang Clan. However, they hope to have another music legend appear via a giant inflatable public art project. Art collective Hungry Castle wants to construct a three-meter-high sculpture of Lionel Ritchie's head, perhaps six if they get funding through Kickstarter.

Visitors will be able to walk into Lionel's head and encounter a ringing telephone that plays one of his classic songs (which we all should know). It's pretty epic, as you can tell from the video about the project below. Also, it looks like the sculpture will become a reality, considering how close the campaign is to reaching its goal.

But you're probably wondering what the money is really for. The art collective explains: “To get Lionel looking like he did 30 years ago in inflatable style is no cheap trick. Achieving a face shape is one thing but adding nose, lips, cheekbones, colors, textures etc. increases the production cost even more. We want Lionel Richie’s Head looking his best from all sides.”

What's even more humorous about the campaign for the sculpture is the assortment of gifts being offered to supporters. They range from startling shirts and hats featuring Lionel's head, to the top prize of an overnight stay for two in the head itself. What a romantic getaway.

[via ItsNiceThat]