Do you have a Filson briefcase? Cute, so do like five city blocks worth of girls in Brooklyn. Like most things, once girls in Brooklyn adopt a menswear trend, you can stick a fork in that shit because it's done. I’m not talking about early adopter cool girls you wish followed you on Twitter, I’m talking girls who probably just discovered streetwear despite its existence since the dawn of time. Like, the ones who lately have been wearing snapbacks and AF1s, while simultaneously complaining about air conditioners dripping on them when they walk down the street. DON’T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER DRIPS ON OTHER PEOPLE TOO? Buy this Nanamica briefcase and you won't have to worry about anything I just bitched about. That is until your chick is all like, “Is that a rolltop briefcase?! Supes cute.” And then you’ll have to throw out your $340 briefcase.