Artists, designers, and various creatives alike set forth to present unique works in today's world. However, this can be challenging. Why? Well, a lot has been created before. “Everything’s been f***ing done before. That’s kind of how the name came about” says Will Rowley-Conwy, the founder of a streetwear t-shirt company called Done London.

The 24-year-old from South London collaborated with friend Tom Andrews, 27, who has silkscreening equipment and rents out a space where the duo produces their line. The t-shirts get their designs from London's Underground metro system, with tees sporting funky patterns from subway seat cushions. You would think that would look boring, but the design is actually visually stimulating.

The company has also promoted its line with stickers that are placed all around London. Also, people place the stickers on friends who are drunk and passed out, then take pictures of them. They launched a new website last month, showing the brand's growing popularity. All t-shirts sell for £20.00 (about $30 USD) and are limited to 50 shirts, which is why they're not worried about being sued by the transit company. They plan to give their fans another line this summer. Below you can hear more about the company.

[via AnimalNewYork]