It's difficult enough to convince a bunch of 19 to 22-year-old guys that they need to wear a suit. Throw in the fact they're nearly seven feet tall and you have an even tougher task at hand. That's why the NBA Draft is so entertaining to watch. Besides seeing who your team will be investing in for the upcoming seasons, you'll all see a bunch of style wins and miscues.

University of Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel isn't taking any chances for a horrible outfit that will go down in the annals of style fails. The flat-topped baller has proposed three different suit options to wear tomorrow night when his name is called. Noel could potentially be the number one pick, so all eyes will be on his sartorial choices. The outfits he put together include two windowpane suits; one charcoal and one navy, and a navy pinstriped suit. He has also assembled shoe, tie, shirt, and accessory options.

As for us, we're more partial to the windowpane options, but it's up to you decide. Click here to vote.

[via NBA Style]