The British Museum has been making some interesting decisions lately. They recently unveiled a guide describing the gay history within works at the institution and now they are opening an exhibition detailing sex in Japan. As you can imagine, a lot of the paintings and illustrations will be pretty explicit.

The show will feature shunga, which is Japanese art that emphasizes sex. They originated in ancient China and made their way to Japan. They depict fantastical sexual relations between average people. "Sex in Japan is on one level like sex everywhere but on another very different," museum director Neil MacGregor said.

He also commented that all museum goers will be told about the content of the exhibition before entering. Children under 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult. Kids under 14 are advised not to see the exhibit (probably for the best). It's also worth mentioning that the museum experienced it's best month of May ever. Attendance was up 42 percent from May last year, bringing its total to 1.7 million over the last three months. The new exhibition is sure to make a stiff increase.

[via Telegraph / FT]