The Sid Mashburn online store has got me super bummed. See, they listed this amazing tie-dye oxford cloth popover shirt under the men's section of the store, only once you click on it you realize it's actually an Ann Mashburn style, which, of course, is the store's women's collection. Unfortunately they don't make the shirt in a men's cut, which is putting me in a really weird spot if I'm being honest. My options are now as follows:

1. I can sail across the perilous digital ocean where the waters are vast, cold and daunting, in search of a similar shirt.

2. I can make my own shitty version that I'll never wear, ruining a perfectly good popover in the process.

3. I can swallow my pride and order a women's shirt.

I've written about the totally OK-ness of dudes wearing women's clothes before, so it just might be time to put my money wear my fingers are. I wonder if the Large is equivalent to a women's size 8?