Andrew Chen has turned 3sixteen from a graphic-flipping streetwear brand into a certified contender in the denim world. But unlike some people who claim to have been dipped in all-selvedge everything since conception, Chen isn't afraid to discuss the evolution of personal style.

The brand co-owner and manager of Self Edge's New York City location gave an exclusive interview to Men in This Town and discussed the best methods for denim fades, why he doesn't wear a suit, and how the Internet has aided the progression of men's style:

"A lot of the times you'll see the same guys who that might have been wearing a double-breasted suit jacket, now working in a pair of running shoes or maybe something a little more fashion-forward, drapey, comfortable," Chen said. "You just didn't see trends move this quickly before."

And as for what's causing all the crotch blowouts in the denim world? Chen admits that it's actually all dirt and bacteria wearing away at your pants. Disgusting. So wash your jeans; if they're made of high-quality denim, they'll make it through the washer.

[via Men in This Town]