We previously told you about Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's huge duck sculpture and its trip to Hong Kong. It arrived and gave people joy, reminding locals of the beauty of innocence. However, their innocence was lost when the duck somehow deflated.

The 54-foot-tall duck was found lifeless beside the Ocean Terminal. After news hit people began suspecting foul play, wondering if there was a sinister duck murderer on their hands. Perhaps a lawless, malevolent killer who wanted to end a poor plastic duck's life and consequently a community's felicity. What has the world come to?

Others wondered if the duck had simply traveled too many places. It did make its way through Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo, and Amsterdam. The shopping mall that organized the duck's appearance however, took to Twitter to let people know that the duck was undergoing maintenance. Harbour City tweeted: "The Rubber Duck needs to freshen up. Stay tuned for its return." 

We're still on the lookout for gigantic inflatable duck killers.

[via NYDailyNews]