If you are older than, like, 21, you’ve probably heard of Maharishi. If you're a child and haven't, fear not because I'm going to start writing about them all the time. They've been on that camo tip since forever ago, creating all new types of wild camouflage, sometimes incorporating straight whimsical elements in the actual patterns themselves. I know, I just said "whimsical" without a hint of irony, but YOU say shit like, "Camo is a trend that just popped off a little over a year and half ago" without a hint of self-awareness, SO WE’RE EVEN. Back to my main point, Maharishi makes some of my favorite outerwear—macs with MA-1 inner plackets, extra-long bomber jackets, fishtail parkas for days, stadium jackets, blazers with M-65 style pockets. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? It’s a one stop shop for that "new silhouette" you keep pretending to wear via your tweets.