The 15 Most Stylish Moments in Family Guy

Yosemite Sam tries on skinny jeans; is not a fan.

"Tales of a Third Grade Nothing"
Season 7, Episode 6

Brian tells Stewie that he made a trip to Barneys, because he heard that that's where famous people cop clothes. Cut to Yosemite Sam trying on skinny jeans for the first time in an attempt to get with the times. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be a fann, yelling, "Whoaa! These are the tightest, penis-compressin'est, sperm-killin'est, testicle grippin'est jeans I ever tried on." He's got a point, but slim-cut jeans doesn't mean your scro' has to feel like it's in a vice, nor do you have to blow your budget at Barneys.

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