Mark Hunter, a.k.a. “The Cobra Snake,” knows nightlife. After all, he spends a lot of his time documenting it in photos that make the rest of us drool in envy. So, if one guy has a unique take on the hottest scenes, it’s definitely him. We asked Mark to give us some of his thoughts on photography, fashion, and what to do (and not do) in order to get into the best clubs in town.


What draws your eye to people as a photographer?

I look for people who own their styleno matter what it is. People who aren’t afraid to be weird or goofy, and know that fashion is about having fun. Also, people that are incredibly attractive.


In your experience, what gets people to the front of the line at the club?

Being with me.


So, what gets people sent to the back of the line at the club?

Square-toed dress shoes with rubber soles. And bad attitudes. Those are the same thing, basically.


What’s the best strategy you’ve seen people use to get into a club? 

Working really hard their whole lives to become rich and famous rappers or rock 'n' roll stars.


What’s the most pathetic move you’ve seen someone use to try to get into a club?

I once saw a really tiny girl try to crawl inside a celebrity’s oversized Goyard tote bag to try to sneak into a really exclusive club in Paris. The problem was that there was already a little dog in there, so the dog started barking and blew up her spot.


What is your advice on how to dress in order to get into a club?

Only wear clothing by the world’s most exclusive designer labels, like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and The Cobrasnake.


How important is a clear face to winning at the club?

My guess it’s probably pretty hard to get into and/or fare well at a cool club if you’ve got a dirty face. Don’t even try it.


Any dos or don’ts about how to try and talk your way into a club?

Do speak quickly and forcefully to boggle the mind of the bouncer. Try to confuse them with a complicated explanation about how your friends are already inside, and you were just inside with them, but you had to leave to sign for a FedEx delivery or something.

Don't try to convince the bouncer that you’re in Justin Bieber’s entourage. He knows that you aren’t.


What is your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken? 

I don’t have any favorites. That’s what keeps me shooting every nightthe quest to take my favorite photo.