If you have never read a Marina Abramovic interview, let this be a wonderful intro. While other artists are tight-lipped or otherwise enshrouded in their own ego, Abramovic always gives fruitful, honest interviews. The grandmother of performance art is surprisingly humble, and not so surprisingly, very insightful.

Recently Abramovic talked with Interview magazine's Gerry Visco for a Q&A called "Immaterial Girl" (so freaking clever) about her upcoming confrontational Installation at the Luminato Festival, her institute currently in construction, and her old age. She also talked about working with Willem Dafoe adopting Antony Hegarty.

On the installation at Luminato:

This is the beginning of my funeral. It's opening on the 14th of June at the Luminati festival in Toronto. There are three Marinas: Belgrade, Amsterdam, New York. I want to die consciously, without fear, and without anger. Three things. I see my friends dying with fear and anger and it's terrible. My grandmother kept her clothes ready for 40 years for her funeral. She lived to 103! But she kept the clothes in a cupboard. As the styles changed, she changed the clothes! I think if I start now with my funeral, it's good.

On Willem Dafoe and Antony Hegarty:

Willem Dafoe is so humble. He's a real star, and he's totally without ego. And I love Antony! I want to adopt Antony. He asked me, "Why do you want to adopt a 40-year-old baby?" I asked his mother, and she said no. But I still want to adopt him. When I hear him singing, it really works on my emotions on such a deep level. It's like hearing an angel.

On the disciplines to be studied at the institute:

All different categories—dance, theater, film, video, opera, music, and other works we don't even know how to name yet, but they're going to be developed in the future! At the institute, we will pursue a productive union between arts, science, technology, spirituality, and education. Hudson is only two hours from the city, and Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu are designing the institute. If you have famous architects, then the tourism comes... The artist Terence Koh has already bought property in the area.

Read the entire interview here.

[via Interview]

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