Well, would you look at that, Yung Noah is firmly out here with a new book of his original photography. The photos are well composed (is that a thing you say about photography?) and highlight technology’s omnipresence in the lives of today’s youth. It’s, like, a commentary on modern society or something. I dunno. All I know is that I’m blaming Emrich for all the Tumblr false deities who think that just because they have a few thousand followers they should get a book too. YOU DON’T GET A BOOK. NOVH got a co-sign from Done To Death Publications aka Chris Black aka cooler than you aka you wish you got his co-sign aka you don’t even have one "aka". Why should you buy this particular book? Because your coffee table is looking mad deserted right now and you need people to think you know things about culture and photography and modern society and digital microfame and instead of actually knowing that shit you could just buy I've Got Nothing To Say and have it say all that stuff for you.